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HVH Services

We have over 45 years of experience in Cylinder Head Porting & Design, Intake Manifold Porting & Design, and Carburetor Spacer Design.

Specific services include:

  • Cylinder head and intake manifold porting
  • Serdi 5 angle valve jobs
  • Install seats
  • Install guides or guide liners and size the guides
  • Grind valves
  • Angle mill heads
  • Aluminum head repair
  • Port matching
  • Flow bench work
  • Pressure checking water jackets in heads
  • Cast iron cheat up heads- we port the heads and cover the work for a stock casting appearance

We offer:

  • Cylinder Heads - bare or complete
  • Manifolds
  • Carb Spacers
  • Valves
  • Valve Springs
  • Valve seats
  • Valve guides
  • Valve spring retainers
  • Valve locks
  • Valve seals
  • Much more...

Our Race-Proven components include:

  • Cylinder Heads from Brodix, Dart, EQ and World Products.
  • A complete line of Brodix Manifolds designed by HVH.
  • Valves from REV and Del West.
  • Valve Springs from IskyPSI and Comp.
  • Titanium and lighweight steel valve spring retainers.
  • Valve locks and ID locators from Comp Cams.
  • Rocker arms from T&D and Jesel
  • Viton valvesSeals
  • Super Sucker carb spacers from HVH
  • Gaskets

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